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Chelungpu Fault Gallery
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Chelungpu Fault Gallery- Conserve the Evidence of Fault Activity
The 921 Earthquake that hit Taiwan at 01:47AM on September 21, 1999, registered 7.3 on the Richter Scale. It left a jagged scar across the face of central Taiwan. The main line of fracture extended along the old Chelungpu fault line. This fault line had already been offset by 2.5 meters as part of a trust fault in an earthquake that hit the area around Kwangfu Junior High a long time ago. This time the movement occurred very near the mountains, showing that Taiwan is geologically an very active region.
The “Chelungpu Fault Preservation Hall holds many images of scenes involving the fault line of the 921 Earthquake, linking pictures of its current look with how it looked in the past. This is a very personal way to witness and learn about the power of nature and earthquakes for the public.

When you are about to step out of the Chelungpu Fault Memorial, take a look back at this beautiful exhibition hall. The building embraces a novel and unique architectural design featuring a linear configuration to symbolize stitches for healing the wound of Earth and present a sequential spatial structure that converges the incident of 921 earthquake. The entire building is free of post-and-beam system but constructed with 82 precast, and prestressed concrete slabs, each 12m high, 2.4m wide and weighing 10 tons. The building is in arc shape with a complex composition. In the process of its construction, the unconventional working methods employed and difficulties encountered in surface treatment, hoisting, assembly, installation or foundation were unprecedented. The building was opened to the public on September 21, 2004 and has since been nominated for the 2004 Far East Architecture Award and won the 2004 Taiwan Architecture Award as well as the 2006 WA Chinese Architecture Award.


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