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Reconstruction Records Hall
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Reconstruction Records Hall-Witness to Courage, Charity and Vitality of Taiwanese
Reconstruction Record Hall documents the reconstruction efforts that have taken place following Chi-Chi earthquake. This hall is free because it’s been donated by Chi-Chi Earthquake Reconstruction Foundation. Therefore the 10th anniversary of Chi-Chi earthquake exhibits list out five chapters to show how government and civil societies did for disaster relief and reconstruction.

Chapter 1 The stunning Chi-Chi Earthquake:As a beginning, the designer created a poem and a painting in S. Dalí style to interpret the impressions of Chi-Chi Earthquake. Then, the room was simulated as site of Chi-Chi earthquake. Moreover, the news headline and photos were listed out to recall what happened in September 21st 1999.

Chapter 2 Policies and regulations:Taiwan government signed an emergency order to release the limitations of laws. During the process of reconstruction, the government worked on regulations such as limit construction of fault belts, public housing mortgage loan and health insurance for survivors.

Chapter 3 Resettlement:To shelter those survivals, Taiwan government proposed three options which are “temporary housing", "rental subsidies" or "purchase public housing", hence, people could choose one of those to resettlement.

Chapter 4 Reconstruction:Lots of enthusiastic volunteers participated in the community and school reconstructions. At the same time, community reconstructed, public construction rebuilt and industry revitalized were supported by government. Therefore, it cumulated valuable and memorable experiences.

Chapter 5 Reflection and Change:After the tragic Chi-Chi Earthquake, the government decided to strengthen national awareness of disaster prevention, improvements in engineering systems and quality by laws and education. Hence, 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan has been set up.


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